What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where the dropshipper/business owner acts as interpreter between the supplier and customer with the dropshipping website. In this model the dropshipper is not supposed to keep stock/inventories. They simply place the products of the supplier in their dropshipping store and when order comes it get automatically pass on supplier, where supplier take responsibility to deliver the product to the customer

What Is Your pricing?

Buydropshipsite niche stores start from $149. However, we offer optional extras(which we highly recommend)
Optional Extras

  • Domain Registration & Installation - $30
  • Logo Design & Installation - $20

How long does it take to get my store?

You have to click the order and fill the form and at once we receive your order at our experts contact you and there you can start the purchase After your purchase we deliver the ownership of your dropshipping store within 24 hours. And here the exception goes to Custom Stores. The custom stores are built based on your requirements, with this it takes longer time to complete. And also we enclose the timeframe for completion in the invoice.

What Suppliers Do Use For The Store?

Buydropshipsite have experienced team members in ecommerce and dropshipping based on their hand full experience we help the dropshippers to choose the trending products for their business niche and we also guide them to choose the dropshipping supplier, as since we have bulk datas of dropshipping suppliers

Do you charge any ongoing monthly fees?

Not at all! We charge only one time payment & will transfer a Store to you.

Do you help with advertising and marketing?

Generally we don't offer the marketing service. But if you want to know the basics of advertising then we will send you starter guides there you can gain ideas on how to get your first ads running!

How many products are included in the niche store and how can i add more products when you’re finished?

Initial stage, we include 20-30 products in your niche store. If you want to add more products yes you can add them after you receive the dropshipping store from us

Can I trust buydropshipsite?

We build dropshipping stores based on client requirements. We treat our customers as our next business partners and we prefer quality over the quantity of the project which let you not to feel about the website and also allow you to concentrate only on the sales

Will other people who buy the same niche store have the exact same website as me?

Promisingly not! Buydropshipsite sell each niche store with different trending products in it. And we assure not two stores from us will ever hold with the same products!

What will i do if someone order products on my store?

Yup! Its a Great news! Now it's time for you to visit your dropshipping store admin panel and forward that order to your dropshipping supplier. The supplier will then ship the product straight to your customer and you keep the profit.

What happens if my customer wants a refund?

Its a tough situation but it happens for all the dropshippers. To tackle the situation place the below statements a) place the offer to refund as 50% of the order & let the customer keep theproduct. (By doing this, you will escape from dealing with the hassle of returns & if your customer wants to do this, you will more than likely still be profitable or at the very least, breakeven.) b) contact the customer and ask for the reason why they want to return. If the product is faulty or doesn't arrive, there you can ask them to send you proof (images etc) and then go and request a refund from your supplier, submitting the customers evidence to them. Once you get your money back, you refund your customer.

Does buydropshipsite offer refunds?

As per our terms of service, we have a no refund policy, and we can't issue the refund. We assure that we will make you satisfied with our dropshipping store.