Things To Consider For Dropshipping Product/Niche Selection


Things To Consider For Dropshipping Product/Niche Selection

Running a successful dropshipping business can be done with proper marketing and promotional strategies. But niche/product selection is always a tricky part. 

Here I am not going to tell you how to select your niche or which is a profitable niche. 

But i am going to give hints that you can consider to select a niche in a smart way. 

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First let us take a look at the dropshipping model.


Dropshipping is a retail and wholesale online business model. In which Sellers don’t need to have products in hand. 

Instead sellers have business agreements with dropshippers who have supplies of the products that dropshipping stores sells.

When a customer orders a product on a dropshipping website for sale, it forwards to a supplier to send the product to the customer directly.

So by the definition you might get an idea about how low overhead you have in this business. 

But selecting the right products to sell is a crucial part in the entire process.

Let's take a look at the points to consider when selecting products to target.

Things to consider while selecting product or niche for your business:

Few consideration points to take for your dropshipping business is given below. 

Minimum pricing: 

It depends on the manufacturer you select. Few manufacturers give the minimum advertised price for their products to the sellers. 

By having the value you can select the price margin and compete with all other competitors. 

So select the supplier or manufacturer who gives minimum pricing value to the products. 

Perfect price range: 

Even though online purchasing has increased over the years, people are comfortable buying low cost products. 

To say a product upto $250 doesn’t make people think too much. 

But imagine a product which costs $2500, it certainly makes people think twice. Right? So select products which cost less and as well can make good profit margin.

Marketing trends: By knowing people's wishes and demands over the product you want to select can make you go with a profitable niche. 

By websearch, online marketplace search or by searching on existing dropshipping stores for sale can give you market potential of the product. 

Accessories selling: 

Instead of selling a main product try to target accessories. In two ways it will help you. 

First, additional accessories are low in price. So it will give you a perfect price range. 

Second You might find a good number of suppliers for your business. 

So any extra accessories for a main product can have good reach on dropshipping business. 

Local centric products: 

Products which are hard to find locally will always give you good reach. 

So search for products in the local market and list down which are hard to find.

Low update: 

Few products update periodically or get changes every year. It makes you change your store as well. 

So best to go with products or a niche which doesn’t change more often. 

Easy to ship: 

More often customers are looking for free shipping on their orders. 

Heavy and large items make it hard to give free shipping as it is expensive and hard to ship.

Smaller products can be delivered effortlessly and with less charge. So select products for your dropshipping business

Easy to handle: 

Another type of shipping challenge is handling the product. If the product is easily breakable or easily damageable, then it makes shipping expensive. 

So if you have the option to select a product which can handle with less effort, select that. 

These small things really make a huge difference in your profit margins. 

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