Strategies To Boost Your Dropshipping Margins


Strategies To Boost Your Dropshipping Margins

Dropshippers belief that achieving the profit margins in the industry is eventually  tight to progress. 

Most of them spend huge time searching for the best ways to boost their margins and some dropshipping stores owners buy wholesome products from the dropshipping suppliers in a bid to secure better profits.

But not all the dropshipping business owners can afford to buy products in bulk, hire a warehouse or a fulfillment firm, or pay hefty import duties and taxes.

In this blog we’re going to discuss some effective tips which will be a fine way to boost your dropshipping profit margins without spending a fortune. 

What are the reasons of tight dropshipping margins

Usually the budding dropshippers will not choose to increase their profit margins to the levels, as they’d like to. 

Let's discuss the most common reasons on why they fix the tight dropshipping margins in this sector:

Dropshipping suppliers raise the prices of the products they sell to cover the costs of fulfilling your orders, or to purchase items from manufacturers and for the staff who packs and ships your packages. 

This makes you pay your suppliers more, which simultaneously makes you take only a leaner profit margin.

Never choosing  multiple suppliers to ship your products can be expensive, because this will dramatically increase shipping costs. 

Also if  your customers order multiple products from different suppliers, which in turn makes you charge from them higher cost and this activity makes them move their purchase from yourself to your some other competitors.

Be careful in handling the refunds and returns. The most common factors that make customers ask you the  refund and return requests from you are shipping delays, delivery of the wrong item, delivery of damaged items, delivery to incorrect addresses, lost packages, and failed deliveries.

Tips To Boost Your Dropshipping Profit Margins

Let’s discuss the tips on how to increase your dropshipping profit margins to counteract these effects.

  1. Focus on a niche

Choose your dropshipping stores' products which are always trending and in  hot demand. But note there the hot demanded products also have huge competition in its niches. 

To avoid this , choose on a sub-niche with a customer base whose needs are largely going unmet. 

The lesser in  competition the lesser you face in the struggle and it better results in a good fare in your profit margins.

  1. Sell at higher volumes

You can counteract low profit margins by increasing the volume of products you sell. This will require upfront investments in promotions and smart marketing campaigns to attract more customers. 

You will need to advertise, use strategic marketing tactics, and keep your customer support at its highest level to consistently attract and retain new customers.

  1. Choose your suppliers carefully

If you want to carry out a successful  dropshipping business, then you have to perfectly choose your dropshipping supplier. 

You can find the best dropshipping supplier for your dropship business from the internet, both you can find the local dropship suppliers and the wholesale suppliers online. 

While choosing your dropshipping supplier, do consider on the following factors:

  • What are the shipping methods offered by your dropship supplier? 

  • Do the dropship supplier provide the option of  expedited shipping?

  • How long does the dropshipping store order typically take to ship? 

  • Don't be at risk with the dropshipping Suppliers who do not guarantee you the delivery times and put you under the  risk of having dissatisfied customers.

  • Confirm from them, whether they provide the shipping service worldwide, or else they provide it only to specific countries? This will protect you from the situation of limiting your customer base without expanding the shipping options.

  • Ask them how about they conduct on the quality controls? Keep in mind that the Poor quality leads you to have poor reviews.

  • Get the copy rights from them for using their  source materials like photos, specs, product descriptions in your listings.  Since customers will attract with the Professional-style images and descriptions. These factors will  boost your dropshipping business sales.

If you are ok with the policies of them then make a deal with them and if you are not satisfied with that dropship supplier then immediately quit the contract and move on the search for the next one. 

  1. Increase your dropshipping product prices

If you are not ok with your margin prices then immediately change it and fix it as much as you can. 

And it is found to be an easy way to boost your margins. 

Correctly calculating your markup without over or undercharging is key, and can ensure you make as much profit as possible. 

If you set your prices according to market demand, and the standards for dropshipping products, your customers may perceive your products as being more valuable, and many of them will be happy to pay more.

  1. Upsell your products

You can offer customers products that come with premium counterparts or optional add-ons to net better profits. 

You can upsell to your customers before a purchase, while a purchase is being made, and even after the purchase has been made. 

The trick to upselling successfully is to understand the needs of your customers and make shopping with your business a pleasurable experience for them. 

You can do this by comparing products to highlight the value of your premium offerings, reward customers who spend more at your store, display an attractive (but not overwhelming) range of similar products to your customers. 

  1. Start To Cross-sell Products

In addition to upselling, it’s recommended that you subtly suggest related alternatives or complementary products that would meet each customer’s needs based on what they initially chose to buy. 

This is known as cross-selling in the industry, and research suggests that you can boost your revenues by around 10-30% using this approach. It also doesn’t require you to find new customers to enhance your margins.

  1. Make Use Of Social Media Marketing

Populate your dropshipping business with the help of social media marketing

And this is an easiest way to reach each and everyone in the finger touch.

If  your dropshipping business is ready for the digital presence, there you have to stretch on your budget and make strategies  to promote your products across multiple social media platforms. 

Sites like Instagram and Facebook are free or inexpensive to use for marketing purposes, and provide excellent exposure of your wares to a global audience.

  1. Modify your product portfolio

Modify your product portfolio up to date  or replace it with the items that offer better quality and value. 

If you find any products difficult and costly to ship, then try to remove that product from your dropshipping stores for sale.

Orelse this will lead you to have a frequently returned, refunded, or plagued by negative reviews from the dropshipping supplier.

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